Chair Message

Message from Section 1510 Chair, June 2018


Greetings from the ASQ Southeast Florida Section 1510.

It has been an active first five months of 2018 with a variety of events so far: a January joint meeting of Sections 1510 and 1515 at Tropical Acres, a February plant tour of Cordis Corporation, a March joint meeting of Sections 1510 and 1515 at Tropical Acres, an April plant tour of Concept Elevator Group, LLC, a May Section 1510 meeting at Shula’s Hotel, and a planned and upcoming Section 1510 meeting at Shula’s Hotel on June 19th.

The presentation topic of our May meeting at Shula’s was “Filtration – Protecting What Matters Most …Every Day! There was a brief regulatory background for filtration systems in the Life Sciences Industry by Ivette Gonzalez Cuascut, Senior Regulatory Consultant, and the speaker for the evening was Julio Juarbe, IE, MMS.  ASQ Section 1510 thanks Lean Enterprise Consulting for facilitating this presentation and Jose Cruz for providing the video recording. The presentation provided extensive information as to filtration materials and systems for all kinds of fluids – gases or liquids –and it was delivered to the members present in approximately one hour. Filtration is a regulated industry by the FDA in the USA.  There were 24 attendees for this dinner/meeting/presentation.   The winner of the door prize, an Oster 3–Cup Food Chopper, was Karina Major of Cordis Corporation.

Our Section and 13 other Sections of Georgia, Florida except the Pensacola area, and Puerto Rico comprise Region 15A.  The five largest in membership in this Region are: 1502 Greater Atlanta 1,386 members; 1510 Southeast Florida 610 members; 1508 St. Petersburg-Tampa 571 members; 1500 Puerto Rico 509 members; and 1509 Orlando 472 members.  The source of information was the ASQ Friday Fast Facts of 5-25-2018 Section Minimum Requirements – Excel Worksheet dated 5-24-2018.

The next meeting will be on June 19th at Shula’s Hotel in Miami Lakes.  The presentation topic will be “ARC FLASH is not a Superhero!” and the speaker will be Martin R. Perrone, Carpenter Electric, Inc.  Always verify the information in our website, The Variant newsletter, and LinkedIn.  Hope to see you at our next meeting.

Eduardo M. Suárez
Chair, ASQ Section 1510