Orlando Acevedo



  In Memory of Orlando Acevedo
(1950 - 2002)

Orlando did not like sad or unhappy things.  He was always upbeat, positive and funny and we loved to be with him.  One day he excitedly showed us a study he had cut out of the paper showing that pork fat no longer raised cholesterol, and he loved pork!   He gleefully showed us that the study was funded by the Pork Farmers of America.

He was one of the most ethical people I have ever met.  When you shared a secret with him, it stayed a secret.  If you needed anything he was quick to give it.

Orlando was easy to work for.  He gave guidance when needed, support when warranted and freedom to do the work.

Orlando loved to cook and even more to eat.  So many times we went to restaurants and swapped recipes and tips for the best dishes you can imagine.

He was devoted family man, with his family coming first.  Luckily for me, his extended family included those of us in the local ASQ section.

Orlando devoted a great deal of time to developing and running section 1510.  He taught classes and did many things gratis while the section was barely able to stand on its own, nurturing it along and helping it grow to where it is today.

He was a member of 1510 since way back in the last century.  Eventually he became the Chair of the section, and then Chair again and again.  He taught many classes and did many things to improve the section. 

One of the things that was closest to his heart was the institution of the Scholarship Fund.  It took us 10 years and a great deal of work and planning by a core group of individuals to make this dream a reality.  So far we have given scholarships for the last 5 years. We have renamed the scholarship the Orlando Acevedo Quality Scholarship. Orlando always saw the best in people and we loved him for it.  In the Wizard of Oz Dorothy is talking to the Tin Man about his heart and she says a measure of your heart is not how much you love, but how much you are loved by others. Orlando was very loved by many others.


   Many of us have come to know Orlando in the last twenty years not only while he worked at Coulter  but also as ASQ Section 1510 Chair and one of the refresher class instructors. He has positively touched many lives. We have enjoyed his laughter, his love for fine dining, cooking, telling jokes, and of course his latest passion, being an aspiring magician where he dazzled us with his dexterity. We will miss him. We wish our sincere condolences to the Acevedo family.

Eddy Laroche