Section 1510 Pictures 2018

ASQ 1510 Board Appreciation Dinner  11/28/2018

John Fay, Dir. of Corp. Devel, Abacode
Cybersecurity Risks, Threats, and Protection      Dinner Meeting 11/13/2018

Dr. Thomas Agrait: Human Error      Dinner Meeting 10/9/2018

Gustavo Diaz: FMEA Dinner Meeting 9/18/2018

Arc Flash Dinner Meeting 6/19/2018

4/9/2018 Tour of Concept Elevator in Miami

3/13/2018 Naveen Agarwal: Med Device and Big Data

2/13/2018 Tour or Cordis

1/16/2018 Joint 1510/1515 at Tropical Acres featuring Linda Linnus' presentation on Kaizen Events

1/9/2018 First Full Board Meeting of 2018 at Las Vegas Cuban Cuisine